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Who of us has not sat with our grandparents or older members of the family riveted by their stories of survival, hardwork, adventure and promise? We learn our legacy through their nostalgic voice. We hear about hard work, changing times, monumental societal milestones and true grit. These are the souls who have lived through so much, have built everything around us and created the world we live in.

Yet in today's society, too often the very people who have earned our time and attention are left behind. There are so many stories left untold, memories left unshared and lessons left unlearned. With age often comes a lack of being 'heard'; a lack of dignity and a lack of attention. Slower speech patterns, diminished motor skills and slower movement means our elderly are passed up, ignored and forgotten. These men and women who have contributed so much to raising the next generation, to inventing today's miracles, to the freedoms we live with today are forgotten and pushed to the side.


Dignitea strives to change the tide and give the elders of our community the attention, respect and dignity they have earned. This is not a 'charity' but rather a bridge to help connect the elderly with our society. Through programs such as Spread the Joy, we are able to reach out and include this sometimes forgotten community. We celebrate them, honor them and continue to learn from them. We are always open to more programs and ideas. Please contact us at if you would like to get involved.




Sausalito, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Sacramento, CA

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